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        CI planning| Brand design | Brand promotion | Brand management

        English | Chinese  | Hong Kong|Shenzhen

        Aoermei?Integration and innovation of Chinese brand pioneer all are Chinese brands go far

        Brand strategy+Brand DNA+Brand design+Brand marketing+Brand business+Brand landing+Brand management


        Micro aoermei

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        Industry classification

        15thYears of "design innovation" of the
        80Passionate team-mates
        9Brand platform integration
        500A number of well-known brand of customer service

        Latest cases Aoermei is really the author of the following customers!

        Integrated brand services Following is a sign has been used by customers of the brand consultancy, VI, packaging, environmental signage, website, video and brand clothingView more

        策略先導的品牌綜合服務 品牌調研 品牌戰略規劃 品牌架構梳理 品牌命名 品牌口號

        引領行業標準 標志設計 標志診斷 VI設計 新品牌形象塑 老品牌形象提升

        市場與營銷包裝解決方案 包裝策略 產品標識設計 包裝設計 產品營銷物料設計 定制化包裝設計

        網站與品牌數字營銷 網站建設 移動端開發 互動體驗 電子商務平臺建設 網站平臺運營

        空間環境規劃與設計 SI design exhibition design signage design office space design props design

        品牌整合管理與實效傳播 Integrated communications year clothing Visual communication design public relations activities dissemination of information management

        影像傳遞品牌影響 TVC signs in animated micro-films interactive video, corporate video media agent

        品牌施工制作落地 Hall structures store construction supervision of print production props symbol sign making

        Appreciate good design/Our dynamic

        Orr beauty vision includes a variety of unique/interesting and excellent work will release the most important United States Orr, of course-related news and branding instructions
        So stay tuned ...

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